Choosing the right makeup class in KL

Attending a good makeup class is crucial to kickstart your career as a makeup artist. A good makeup class will allow you to not only have great makeup foundation but also setting the right fundamental as a great makeup artist.

We have listed down the below steps to identify the right makeup class for you in KL.

Learn about the background of the makeup artist/makeup instructor.

Who is the tutor for the makeup class? Do they have years of experience as a makeup artist and getting exposure to a real career?

By asking such questions, you will be able to know if the teaching quality is good or bad. Most makeup academy out there in Malaysia is all about profit and they don’t employ good makeup artist as your tutor.

Those who teach in the class have limited experience not just on the skills but overall foundation as a good makeup artist.

Be sure you run a background check and understand who are the tutors before signing up for makeup class.

What do they teach in the class?

Learn about what material being taught in the class is crucial to gauge the quality of the education.

You’ll surprise most makeup class in KL will only teach outdated techniques such as old fashioned foundation and contouring.

Some, they don’t even teach what cosmetic products to apply under different occasion or corrector for bad skin complexion.

When this happened, you will learn nothing from such a makeup class.

So it’s very important for you to identify what is the quality in the makeup class before deciding to attend the course.

Do they have internship / practical session?

One mistake we always see people joining makeup class where they don’t provide internship or practical experience. It’s 100% on the theory where most graduates from makeup class will have zero experience doing actual makeup for clients.

It’s good to learn about the local events that makeup class having so that this will give the students good exposure for networking and hands on to actual makeup session.

How much do they charge for the entire course?

What is the cost involved in makeup class? Some charged MYR 10,000 and some charged MYR 5,000.

When you learn about the course, it will give you better insights on what are the values you get in return so you have the right expectation with the fees that you are paying.

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