Why Shopify is the future of eCommerce

When I started my eCommerce business in early 2011, there wasn’t much reliable eCommerce platform out there. In APAC especially, most eCommerce owners would use open sourced eCommerce platforms such as Joomla or X-cart.


As the eCommerce gain much traction and with a strong awareness of security, scalability and server infrastructures Shopify became the preferred eCommerce platform.


With the exponential growth for the eCommerce industry every year, Shopify is becoming the go-to platform for every serious ecommerce brands for lots of reason as below.


  1. Flexibility
  2. Good server infrastructure
  3. Scalable.
  4. Apps Marketplace
  5. Resources.


When it comes to developing the function and business requirement on eCommerce, it became very costly to hire a team of experienced developer. Long process in coding cycle and maintaining the quality has been a great challenge , especially for eCommerce owners that just wanted to focus on building the business not the coding.


With Shopify great flexibility, eCommerce owners are able to build the store from ground up without much cost and time involved.


Shopify has one of the greatest server infrastructure with global CDN, which take off the heavy load of eCommerce owners to maintain the expensive servers.


In APAC, the eCommerce industry is blooming right now with the biggest market such as Indonesia, it’s the country the #1 eCommerce growth, even surpass the potential of its neighbouring country such as Malaysia or Thailand due to its fast growing milennials and online shoppers in Indonesia.


However, the challenge remained unsolved for many eCommerce tech players. In a growing country such as Indonesia, there are a lot of different technology usage and buying behavior which required huge localisation.


For the instant, shoppers in Indonesia don’t have the online habit to use the credit card for transactions. However they still purchase online through offline , cash on delivery or ATM bank transfer. It’s a huge off for tech giants like Shopify to localize the platform because the website is being built on online transaction.


Most Indonesian merchants don’t really see the need of having their own eCommerce store, except for having a storefront in Lazada / Shopee, and Instagram is their #1 sales channel. You will be surprised even for big brands in Indonesia to just focus on Instagram rather than having their own website.


As different technology adoption for different country varied, eCommerce growth is definitely interesting in the next 5 to 10 years. With good analysis and research from Google , the growth for e-commerce surpassed 50-100% on the projection due to faster technology adoption and lots of tech builders are flocking to APAC especially Indonesia inspired to be part of the crazy growth.


NinjaCommerce is a shopify / magento web development agency helping brands to build and grow their online sales.


We use the latest technology stack to optimize conversion rate and sales such as AMP, push notification and custom built chat bot.


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