How to Use Video Ads Strategy to Scale Your E-commerce

If you have not used video marketing for promoting your business, products or services, we will give you reasons to do so!

Videos are very powerful marketing tools that you should take advantage of. You see, humans are visual learners. The best way to educate people about your brand is by using interactive videos. And video ads will help you spread the message to the mass quicker.


In this article, we will explain to you how you can use video ads strategy to scale your e-commerce. Ready? Let’s go!


Getting Started with Video Marketing


You might be thinking if video marketing is worth your time or if you have the resources to create and use it. The fact that you are considering it for your promotions is already a good start!


Yes, video marketing is worth your time — and worth trying — because everyone (and that includes your competitors) is using it now! The reason? Because video marketing is a versatile and profitable digital marketing tool. In fact, it is one of the best out there.


We’ll tell you why.


Videos Will Help Boost Your Sales


No kidding. Videos can make you make more money. Go ahead and add a video to your landing page. Studies have shown that people who watch a video that explains about a product or service have subsequently bought it.


Again, humans are visual learners. Posts with pictures have been proven to be more effective than posts with plain texts when it comes to marketing. That said, imagine what videos can do for you!


Even though videos are not cheap to create, at least your efforts will pay off in the end. Fortunately, you do not need to spend a fortune to create your own videos anymore. There are so many affordable video making tools over the Internet now for you to choose from, with most of them being reliable and user-friendly.


Also, you no longer need the most expensive gadget to capture good quality videos. There are a lot of affordable cameras and video cameras in the market today. Buy a second-hand one if you have a tight budget. Alternatively, you can use a smartphone to capture your videos.


Your videos do not necessarily need to look fancy. All that truly matters to your audience is the message that it tries to deliver.


For example, the video Oh My Dayum that talks about Five Guys burgers and fries became a YouTube hit a couple of years ago. It isn’t a professional-looking video, yet it went viral. It was then turned into a song thanks to auto-tune.


Great. Now everyone will remember Five Guys for their burger and fries.


Videos Can Help You Build Brand Loyalty


If you are new in the market, your first mission is to get people to know about you. Marketing will help you with that. To succeed at it, you need to use the right communication medium — create a short video!


By simply using a short video, you can introduce your brand and product to the world. Keep it simple, but informative. Tell people exactly who you are, what you do, how you add value to their lives,and why they should learn more about you. As you grow, you can create more engaging videos. Perhaps you could also come up with a video contest!


Use paid ads to reach your target audience. When people see you socially active, they will trust you more, especially when you have a lot of viewers, followers, shares, likes and comments. Give people the information they need about you, your products and services.


Why do videos work effectively on people? The answer is simple: videos can trigger emotions and engage with anyone who watches them. That is why social influencers play an important role on social platforms, especially blogs, Instagram and YouTube. Their job is to inspire people.


You need to take video marketing seriously if you want to leverage your content marketing.


Whether you prefer to create ads or have social influencers to talk about your products, people will likely have more confidence in your brand when you present something conversational and related to their pain points.


How to Scale Your E-commerce with Video Ads


There are so many ways to use videos effectively. Although you do not need to spend a fortune on your videos, it is always best that you make them look creative and attractive whenever possible.


You will want people to watch your videos, like them, and at some point share them around their social networks. That’s how you get your content go viral!


Follow the tips below to learn how to you can use video ads effectively for your content marketing.


1. Create Entertaining Videos


Once you come up with a decent looking video, promote it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. If you can promote it on Snapchat that would be great, too. It all goes down to cost at the end of the day. If you can afford to promote them in multiple platforms, why not?


Take advantage of your video ads and make them look as appealing as possible. This will guarantee you more clicks and social shares.


What you can do is post your videos via Facebook 360 video and Live Video. Do not forget to share and promote your videos on Instagram as well. With Instagram, viewers will be able to watch your video content for 60 seconds. For Twitter, use Periscope. And of course, you need to have your content on YouTube!


Again, your videos need to be as appealing as possible. Many companies today use entertaining (or sometimes funny) videos to catch people’s attention. Take a look at Thai commercials. Many of them are rather silly, but their messages are often on-point!


Videos that are entertaining will encourage content shares. These shares will significantly bring more traffic to your website and social pages.


2. Create a Story


Be the story-teller for your brand and create a situation in a way that people can relate to you.


Remember that I mentioned about Thai commercials being entertaining? The reason why they are so entertaining is because they use situations that could happen (or do happen) in real life. Here’s an example of a funny ad that somehow makes perfect sense.


So if you want people to engage with your video ad, the storyline of your video ad is critically important. Think through about the flow of your video presentation; you don’t want it to be clumsy and all over the place.


3. Get Social Influencers to Showcase Your Products


Whether you have a product or service to promote, you can hire social influencers to endorse it. Depending on your budget, you could get a famous blogger, vlogger or Instagram model to try your product and share their experience with their followers.


If you have an online boutique, you could hire models or fashion bloggers to model your clothes for you. If you have an online store selling outdoor gears, then maybe you could hire influential travel bloggers (who love being in the outdoors) to act in your video ads where they explore the outdoors using your any of your gears.


How do you know which social influencers to work with? Check out their social content, number of followers, and the quality of engagement they have with their followers.


If you already have a physical store, you could create a video ad to promote your local store with the message that if they want to feel or touch what they are buying, they can visit your nearest local store to them.


Why does it matter, anyway? Well, not being able to physically touch a product is one of the least things people like about online shopping.


4. Add Videos to Your Newsletters


Don’t just add videos to your website and social platforms; include them into your email marketing, too!


Adding a video to your newsletter is a kind of advertisement if it contains promotional messages.


Let’s say you’re giving out discounts for particular items from your men’s department .List out all the details that your customers need to know regarding the items on sale. Embed a video you would like to use with your newsletter. It can be a quick video of a male model wearing the items on sale.


5. Take Advantage of Paid Advertising


Before creating a video for you to promote, pay attention to the video requirements of different social platforms you want to use.


For example, if you want to use Facebook, you need to make sure that you are aware of Facebook video ad requirements. Below are some of the details:


  • Headline should not exceed 25 characters.
  • Facebook video ad supports 16:9 to 9:16 aspect ratios.
  • MP4 and MOV formats are ideal, with moov atom.
  • AAC audio compression with 128kbps+ is preferred.
  • Maximum video file size is 4GB.
  • Video length is up to 120 minutes.


For Instagram, the video ad requirements are shown below:


  • For caption, 125 characters are recommended.
  • MP4 and MOV formats are ideal, with moov atom.
  • Maximum video file size is 4GB.
  • Video length is up to 60 seconds.
  • Landscape aspect ratio is 1:91:1.
  • Square aspect ratio is 1:1.
  • Vertical aspect ratio is 4:5.


On Instagram, there are eight call-to-actions for you to choose from:


  • Watch more
  • Book Now
  • Contact Us
  • Download
  • Learn More
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up
  • Apply Now


As for Facebook, most retailers will go for:


  • Shop Now
  • Learn More
  • Sign Up


Before you proceed with creating a video ad for your business, lay out all your ideas first. Imagine.Be creative. Strategize. Most importantly, your storyline must be clear, unique and entertaining.


Once you have done that, proceed to the next step which is the production.

Madu is a content specialist at , a Facebook ads agency focused on lead generation


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